To perform any of the interactive works below, please contact me for Max patches.


Extemporiations No.1 | 2-5 percussionists, interactive computer (Max); 12min

Bode | solo double bass / cymbal and interactive computer (Max); 25min

Heard and Unheard | 8channel fixed electroacoustic (12min)

React | flute, violin, interactive computer (Max); 8min 

Interact | flute, violin, interactive computer (Max); 7min 

Relent [Relentless] | alto sax, double bass, 2 perc, interactive computer (Max); 25min 

Light Box | computer controlled (Max) wooden box with RGB LED, 5.1 surround sound, and video; 7min

4 | trumpet & 4-channel interactive computer (Max); 6min

Gravitations | winds, strings, percussion, voice, electronics, fish, and other visuals (18min)

Brainwash | solo percussion and acoustic/electronic real-time electronic instruments (9min)


rip | percussionists and paper; instructional videos (10min)

MONOCHROMADDICT | two Bb clarinets and two bass clarinets (8min)

!MPACT | percussion concerto – solo perc + sax, brass, & string quartet (18min)

stir | tenor voice, bass trombone, and piano (11min)

ENGULFED | wind ensemble, string orchestra, organ, tenor choir, 2 drum sets, 2 electric guitars, and 2 electric basses (9min)

[three paintings] | four alto saxophones (10min)

yellow light blue mirror | four marimbas and a piano (6min) 


Twelve | twelve 2×4 foot sheets of metal in wood frames containing Arduino microcontrollers, batteries, and wireless communication devices

This Room Has a Pulse I & II | Impulse improv ensemble, electroacoustic interactive audio/video, and TWU dancers (3hours/each)

Recycled Sound | metal sculptures with sound making devices and microcontrollers attached

preVIEW | wireless camera, servo motor, custom built Arduinos, Isadora, Mac Mini, and monitor

Piezo2 | interactive floor sound installation