some prototyping on the jsax before soldering and making it look better

I am currently (2022) working on an improvisation performance setup that involves sending real-time data from sensors on a plastic saxophone (jSax) to control parameters of effects in Max (by Cycling’74). I’m starting this project using the Arduino microcontroller because that is what I am most familiar with. I’m using Xbees to keep from being tethered to the computer.

Past Performing

While a student at UNT, a group of us created a real-time composition group called Impulse. Members included: IMPULSE: Sarah Summar (violin), Paul Thomas (accordion), Ben Johansen (sax & video projections), Patrick Peringer (guitar), and Scott Price (guitar & supercollider drones). In the video below, we performed a living installation of improvised music, video, and dance by TWU dancers Whitney Boomer, Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Matthew Cumbie, Bethany Nelson, and Lily Sloan.