Website Project + AV Project



Website Project portion:

Create a clean, simple-to-navigate, professional personal website.

  • Include the following:
    • a professional head-shot
    • a link to a PDF of your resume/CV
    • something created in Illustrator
    • something created in Photoshop
    • embed your AV Project (from Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Use (or another service of your choosing ... looks promising)



AV Project portion:

To be completed in teams of two (no more, no less) - here is the boxnote you can add your concert or recital date&time to

  • Professionally video record a piece performed on a Baylor recital/concert this semester
  • Specific stipulations:
    • The piece chosen must be part of the public domain
    • Obtain written permission from all performers to post the video recording online
    • Use a minimum of 3 cameras (720p or 1080p)
    • Use external microphones recorded into a laptop or other device (must not record directly into the cameras)
  • BOTH students must edit the material slightly differently using Adobe Premiere
  • BOTH students must post the work on YouTube or Vimeo AND embed the video in the website created for the Website Project above
  • Use this tip card (print two sided and cut out ... you'll end up with two)


Recommended encoding settings for:


Editing Video in Adobe Premiere CC ($$):

  • Youtube Tutorial
  • from the Adobe manual :
    • "If you use audio-only clips with video or A/V clips, the audio-only clips are placed in the topmost tracks, and are unmuted. Other audio (from any linked clips) is muted and placed in lower tracks."
      • SO = choose "Camera 1" under sequence settings when creating a multi-camera source sequence
  • Another Youtube Tutorial that goes a little deeper (but using an older version of Premiere)
  • When going to File > Export... > Media:
    • choose
      • Format: H.264
      • Preset: Youtube or Vimeo