Heard and Unheard (2016) 12min

8-channel fixed electroacoustic

Light Box (2009) 7min

computer controlled wooden box with

RGB LED, 5.1 surround sound, and video

React (2014) 8min

flute, violin, interactive computer

click the speaker for an *excerpt*

4 (2008) 6min

trumpet & 4-channel interactive computer

Interact (2013) 7min

flute, violin, computer performer

click the speaker for an *excerpt*

Gravitations (2006) 18min

winds, strings, percussion, voice,

electronics, fish, and other visuals

[Relentless] (2012) 25min

alto sax, double bass, 2 perc, and interactive computer

Brainwash (2006) 9min

solo percussion and acoustic/electronic real-time electronic instruments


rip (2009) 10min

percussionists and paper

instructional videos

ENGULFED (2005) 9min

computer controlled wooden box with RGB LED, 5.1 surround sound, and video


two Bb clarinets and two bass clarinets

                    (2008) 10min

text title: "Three Paintings"

four alto saxophones

!MPACT (2007) 18min

percussion concerto

solo perc + sax, brass, & string quartets

yellow light blue mirror

(2005) 6min

four marimbas and a piano

stir (2007) 11min

tenor voice, bass trombone, and piano


Twelve (2011)

twelve 2x4 foot sheets of metal in wood frames containing  Arduino microcontrollers, batteries, and wireless communication devices

preVIEW (2010)

wireless camera, servo motor, custom built Arduinos, Isadora, Mac Mini, and monitor

Recycled Sound (2010)

metal sculptures with sound making devices and microcontrollers attached

Piezo2 (2010)

interactive floor sound installation

This Room Has a Pulse I & II

(2010/11) 3hours/each

Impulse improv ensemble, electroacoustic interactive audio/video, and TWU dancers