MUS 1331

Technology for Music Educators

Empowering future music educators with digital and media literacy.


Due 11/13 or 11/14:

  • bring one of the following scores: string 4-tet, sax 4-tet, brass tet, woodwind tet, choir piece, percussion ensemble piece
  • complete the website project outlined in the link below before class:

Nov.1/Nov.2 Class Meeting (online)

Nov.8/Nov.9 = Finale


Copyright/Licensing Presentation

Copyright/Licensing Resources

Presentation Project Instructions

(and Keeping Current Links)

iPad Apps

Hour of Code

Audio Recordings

Video Editing

Premiere Multi-cam Tutorial

Quick Tips for class lab:

  • Adobe Manual : "If you use audio-only clips with video or A/V clips, the audio-only clips are placed in the topmost tracks, and are unmuted. Other audio (from any linked clips) is muted and placed in lower tracks."
    • So = choose "Camera 1" under sequence settings when creating a multi-camera source sequence
  • use rolling (not ripple) edit tool to make finite changes to camera switches

Encoding Settings for Youtube

Encoding Settings for Vimeo

Graphics and Photography Lab:

Image File Types Explained

Complete this Canva Beginner's Challenge

Choose a Photoshop Tutorial

Complete this Illustrator Tutorial

Choose an additional Canva Tutorial

If you complete the above tutorials:

How to Create an Animated GIF

MIDI, Sequencing, Notation

Nov.6/Nov.7 = MIDI

Reference Cards

Sound Recording

Sound Reinforcement

Audio Editing

Filming Concerts

Live Streaming