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General Music Composition Journals (Baylor Links)


  • American Music
    • "articles on American composers, performers, publishers, institutions, events, and the music industry, as well as book and recording reviews, bibliographies, and discographies."
  • Contemporary Music Review
    • "It provides a forum where new tendencies in music can be discussed in both breadth and depth. Each issue focuses on a specific topic. The main concern of the journal is music today in all its aspects--its techniques of performance and composition, aesthetics, technology and its relationship with other disciplines and currents of thought. The publication may also serve as a vehicle to communicate actual musical materials."
  • Journal of Mathematics and Music
    • "Focuses on mathematical approaches to musical structures & processes, including mathematical investigations into music-theoretic or compositional issues as well as mathematically motivated analyses of musical works or performances."
  • Journal of New Music Research
    • "Emphasizes an interdisciplinary foundation for music by means of the most advanced technologies. Covers musicology, psychology, information sciences, philosophy and brain sciences."
  • Journal of Sonic Studies
    • "JSS thus provides a platform for theorists and artists who would like to present relevant work regarding the sonic environment."
  • Leonardo Music Journal
    • "devoted to aesthetic and technical issues in contemporary music and the sonic arts."
  • Music Perception
    • "Fostering communications between scientists and musicians interested in the study of music phenomena, Music Perception publishes original theoretical and empirical papers, methodological articles, and critical reviews concerning the study of music."
  • Organised Sound
    • "an international peer-reviewed journal which focuses on the rapidly developing methods and issues arising from the use of technology in music today."
  • Perfect Beat
    • "A common theme in many of the articles published has been the development of new styles of popular music by indigenous peoples and their relationships (beneficial and/or problematic) with the technologies and institutions of the 20th Century media and music industries."
  • Perspectives of New Music
    • "directed to a readership consisting of composers, performers, scholars, and all others interested in any kind of contemporary music. Published material includes theoretical research, analyses, technical reports, position papers by composers, sociological and philosophical articles, interviews, reviews, and, for special purposes, short musical scores or other creative productions."
  • Tempo
    • "the premier English-language journal devoted to 20th-century and contemporary concert music. Articles are often illustrated with music examples, and explore many aspects of the work of composers throughout the world"
  • Twentieth Century Music
    • "disseminates research on all aspects of music in the long twentieth century to a broad readership. Emphasis is placed upon the presentation of the full spectrum of scholarly insight, with the goal of fostering exchange and debate between disciplinary fields."
  • The Wire
    • "The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics. The Wire celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronica, hiphop, new jazz, modern composition, traditional musics and beyond. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre."

Film Scoring Periodicals (Baylor Links)


  • Film Scoring Monthly
    • "one of the leading voices in film music appreciation ... founded as a one-page newsletter sent to 11 people by editor/publisher Lukas Kendall in 1990, and has since grown to encompass a hardcopy magazine, prolific CD label, this website, and other publishing and documentary efforts."
  • Journal of Film Music
    • "a forum for the musicological study of film from the standpoint of dramatic musical art. The analytical tools and methodologies of historical, systematic, cognitive, and ethnomusicology all are relevant and essential to this study, which seeks to both document and illuminate film practice through source studies, analysis, theory, and criticism."
  • Music and the Moving Image
    • "dedicated to the relationship between the entire universe of music and moving images (film, television, music videos, computer games, performance art, and web-based media)."
  • Music, Sound and the Moving Image
    • "the first international scholarly journal devoted to the study of the interaction between music and sound within the entirety of moving image media – film, television, music video, advertising, computer games, mixed-media installation, digital art, live cinema, et alia."
  • Soundtrack
    • "a multi-disciplinary journal which brings together research in the area of music and sound in relation to film and other moving image media."