Research executed for UNT's Hybrid Arts Lab (HAL)

potentiometer clip

joystick mod

The purpose of this project was to figure out a way to attach a potentiometer (used with an Electrotap Teabox) to a unibody Macbook Pro.  After trying out many different types of clips and clamps, a modified OXO clip (used to hang from the cloth side of a cubicle) proved to be the most secure choice.

The purpose of this project was to create an arm for an Electrotap joystick that would stand about a foot tall.  After experimentation, I found that the only "arm" material that would *not* fall over due to its own weight, was a 1/8" thick aluminum rod (about 1foot long) found at Hobby Lobby.

IR sensor gooseneck clamp

IR sensor plant

The purpose of this project was to add an IR sensor to the end of a gooseneck clamp to be used in performances and installations.

In this project, I disassembled a light (about $25 from Wal-Mart) and replaced the area where bulbs went with IR sensors. The sensor plant can be used to capture data from moving 3D objects.

Video Monitor Wall

Installation & Experimentation

modular digital port

data capturing